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#YoungParliamentarian is an initiative of team Nationalist Indian where we invite the young individuals to express their views. These individuals aspire to make India a vibrant nation. They dream of a progressive India and wish for inclusive development for one and all.

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Rules of enrolment as #YoungParliamentarian and other basic information:
  1. All aspirant of #YoungParliamentarian should be less than 16 years in age.
  2. To participate and be one among the #YoungParliamentarian consent of parent(s) is needed
  3. We need 100 sec videos on daily news, views, suggestions, etc. form the ‘Young Parliamentarian’.
  4. The #YoungParliamentarian can also submit their work in form of cartoons, graphics, etc.
  5. Once #YoungParliamentarian share a raw video (video should have a solid backwound, refined language – Hindi or English, fresh look)
  6. We at #NationalistIndian will create a unique profile for each #YoungParliamentarian videos.
  7. All those who are participating and have submitted 5 videos and accepted by team #NationalistIndian will get a badge of #YoungParliamentarian.
  8. All videos that is going live will have #YoungParliamentarian tag, but the certificate of participation and badge of #YoungParliamentarian will be given only after 5 entries.
  9. Monthly Best performing #YoungParliamentarian will get a letter of recommendation and certificate from PBF
  10. Once we have 20+ #YoungParliamentarian onboard and we are in COVID free environment we would do a #YoungParliamentarian Round Table
  11. After 10+ registration of #YoungParliamentarian with us, we may consider a #YoungParliamentarian e-Round Table managed by #NationalistIndian. 

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