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About #NationalistIndian

Bharat Mata

Nationalist Indian speaks about our culture, our history, our identity, our political perspectives, our economic initiatives, presents all there into one.
India did not get freedom in a day. It was fought every day. Lets know, unite, fight and make a difference. There is a huge hope. Let’s maintain that hope despite a panicky mainstream media trying to put it out. We as a nation wanted to have good governance, aspired for accountability, dreamt of great infrastructural, healthcare and educational initiatives to improve the quality of neglected people. We eagerly looked for a win win unapologetic foreign policy. We wished a government to revive the economy. We wish to do away with appeasement of various sections of the society. We are here to vouch to participate and create awareness in providing solutions to issues of national importance.
Nationalism and National Integration are the exhale and inhale processes of Nationalist Indian. Bharateeyata should be transferred to the coming generations. We wish to be the hope that every Indian harbours. There are several successes and many moments of great pride the nation is witnessing for the last few years. There are many loose ends too and there is much more to be done. 

We are here to act as a bridge between the aspirations of the masses and the acts of the governance. People get excitement and disappointment very easily. We are here to capture both and build the proactive and positive action driven bridge. People of India suffered centuries of injustice at the hands of invaders and foreign rule. Places of worship, education, history, tradition, culture, heritage, local industries, economy and the welfare of the subjects were continuously neglected and attacked and the attempts to revive them are entangled in legal battles. The democratic process after independence was aimed at appeasements, temporary solutions to win elections, and the focus is on making inroads into vote banks to stay in power forever by the then governments. Nationalist Indian discusses about the policies that work for the people, initiates pressure groups that demand more accountability from policy makers and governments. Cultural and civilizational changes won’t take place if the people are silent and it is for the people to make it happen. Nationalist Indian provides a platform and an ecosystem to the people who wish to be a part of the nation building movement.


To nurture the feeling of pride in all Indians that India is the best country in the world and we are blessed to be born here.


India is our country.  Our mission is to make every Indian to feel and scale the mighty Himalayas, to enjoy the natural musings of the serene Ganges, to cherish the roaring sounds of the Seas and to pass on the sacred heritage and history of India to the young, their children and children’s children.